Our timber decking is long lasting and it keeps its natural beauty throughout the seasons. All decking frame work is in C24 timber (C24 graded is a premium structural timber which is a stronger, more demanding grade and has fewer/smaller knots). Overtime natural weathering can improve the look of your deck. To preserve your timber decking, you can use either a stain, solvent or oil-based coating.


Timber decking is an excellent way to enhance your garden providing a versatile area whether you have a modern or traditional style of house.

With its natural and durable qualities timber decking can add to the beauty of your garden and the value of your house.

Using our design timber decking service we provide a unique timber decking design for you. We use quality timber and can provide a range of accessories including posts, rails and spindles to create your dream design.

For a quote on our timber decking please contact us on 07901 887 904


We can fit a wide range of types of decking in terms of colour, size, anti-slip, texture and finish. Please see some of the types below. The 100% wood free anti-slip composite decking is available in a variety of colours. It has very low maintenance as it does not rot, fade and is algae repellent. Ideal for balconies, roof gardens and so much more and all year round use.